folders not sorting alphabetically

I managed to accidentally change the order of my folders for an Exchange Server in and found it impossible to get them to return to alphabetical order by dragging folders around. I found the following solution on Apple Forums

Basically you need to delete/rename (depending on your back strategy or paranoia level) .mboxCache.plist for the relevant account whilst Mail is not running then start it up again.

Fixing firefox after upgrade

Firefox recently upgraded to 3.6.15 and in the process appeared to mangle all of my add-ons – really very frustrating when they make a significant difference to how I interact with firefox. Fortunately I found that there were a couple of useful fixes available; firstly to clear out the extensions cache and ini files as described by David Moore IT service blog in the article How to Fix Firefox Break Down Add-ons. The second thing was to do a bit of updating manually – some of the add-ons have updated that you can get from the site that haven’t yet made it onto the firefox repository.

Geotagging and EXIF manipulation for photos in Mac OS X and iPhoto

Early Innovations have a great programme for Geo-tagging your photos GPS Photolinker, however because iPhoto store the EXIF data in a separate database that it updates at import time it makes Geo-tagging your photos a challenge; though it may be possible using other tools listed in a thread on Apple’s support Discussions Forum suggests.  Another alternative for manipulating EXIF data on your photos is a PERL script by Tom Gidden.

Changing save as PDF locations in Mac OS X

I came across this a while ago and thought it was cool (then when I next needed it I forgot where I read it – so this time I thought I’d post it here to make it easy to get at)  you can change the locations you might have added for saving PDF’s in to read something meaningful; also you can create system wide save locations.

Creating PDF Workflow Options

Mac Pro Audio output switches back to Internal Speakers on reboot rather than staying with Line Out at back of computer

I was having problems with the sound on my mac reverting to internal speakers and not using the line out on the back. Fortunately it seems that this is a problem have had before and that deleting some config files and restarting has fixed the issue.

NHS Mail and Mac OS X 10.6

Like many mac users I was looking forward to the release of Snow Leopard – Mac OS X 10.6 with it’s native support for Microsoft Exchange in the hope that I could get my Exchange account  to work with this. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and mail crashes out completely when trying to configure the account to work with servers. I had a look around with a search engine and found a discussion on Apple’s support site that explains that the technical support report that “This issue is apparently due to non-standard and insecure implementation of connection protocol by apple mail. He also said that they have notified Apple but a solution can be provided and problem rectified by only by Apple. He does not know how long it will take apple to release an update but could take up to 1 or 2 months.”

I even tried the suggestion at the end of this thread for setting things up by hand using the mailserver that Outlook running in vmware uses, but still no joy system can not connect to the incoming mailserver (possibly due to I am outside N3 and Apple Implementation).

I’ll keep hoping like many others for a solution.

Samsung ML1210 and Mac OS X

Since moving to my mac I have had problems getting my Samsung ML1210 Laser Printer to work correctly. I followed the instructions at and got it printing but it was always missing off the top of the page. On searching around I found that I wasn’t the only person with this problem and if I downgraded my Foomatic-RIP to an older version things worked fine. For more information on this see and the key things is to get the release of Foomatic-RIP from the 30th Jan 2008.

I’ve reported this bug to the team the supports Foomatic so maybe there will be a fix in future versions.