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Re-use your router as an Access Point

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Been having some fun trying to improve wi-fi around my house due to the location of the incoming master socket at one end of the building rather in the middle of it. In the end I’ve had to use a wired option to move internet through the house; so having got fibre broadband I thought I could re-use my old tp-link router as an access point which turns out to be quite easy to set up. However I kept having problems until I realised that you don’t plug the wire into the WAN port on the router you use one of the LAN ports otherwise it starts messing around with NAT and the network doesn’t work. Also it turns out you can use the same SSID and password to make it easy for your wireless devices to hop from one access point to another; my tp-link device automatically picked a clear channel so I didn’t need to worry about same channel interference, but I did turn down the power so that devices would in preference find the fibre router access point directly.

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