NHS Mail and Mac OS X 10.6

Like many mac users I was looking forward to the release of Snow Leopard – Mac OS X 10.6 with it’s native support for Microsoft Exchange in the hope that I could get my NHS.net Exchange account  to work with this. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and mail crashes out completely when trying to configure the account to work with NHS.net servers. I had a look around with a search engine and found a discussion on Apple’s support site that explains that the NHS.net technical support report that “This issue is apparently due to non-standard and insecure implementation of connection protocol by apple mail. He also said that they have notified Apple but a solution can be provided and problem rectified by only by Apple. He does not know how long it will take apple to release an update but could take up to 1 or 2 months.”

I even tried the suggestion at the end of this thread for setting things up by hand using the mailserver that Outlook running in vmware uses, but still no joy system can not connect to the incoming mailserver (possibly due to I am outside N3 and Apple Implementation).

I’ll keep hoping like many others for a solution.

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  1. You can use microsoft entourage with a m$ provided patch to access nhs.net email. Biggest problem is that entourage has a rather childish interface. I’d rather use apple mail personally.

  2. for some reason I can’t get mail to work properly with NHSmail either – seems to receive mail, but not sendm and I have no idea why.

    iPhone works great, and I was impressed by the helpful guide on set-up, but why is there no similar guide for Mail?

    And I’m using 10.6.3

    Any ideas would be appreciated

  3. Can someone help with a related but different thread?
    I can not get nhs.net ‘s page to open at all at the moment (using talktalk from home on a MacOS Leorpard via safari usually but have tried firefox today and neither worked)
    Once in a while it does this – every other web page works, I ring someone at the hospital – the nhs.net is working, I reboot, I empty the cache etcetc, I ring nhs.net – not their problem, not anyone’s only mine…
    Last few times this happened -a miracle- it just starts working again
    Today it is irritating as you can imagine BUT I have no idea really if it will work again (as the last 3 times) or not and if it does decide to work when that might occur etc
    Any useful comments???

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