Heuristic comparison of prescribing module/functions of GPASS and VISION General Practice Clinical Systems

Another one of my Health Informatics MSc essays; this one is on computer interface usabilty:

This paper provides a comparative discussion of the prescribing interfaces of GPASS and InPractice VISION General Practice Clinical systems, using the “Discount Usability Engineering Approach”. Prescribing scenarios are investigated using a heuristic approach to cover typical tasks in every day use of the systems. A comparative table is produced looking at the features of each system and identifying those which are significant usability issues. GPASS is found to have a greater number of severe usability issues than VISION. Recommendations that software developers use operating system conventions suggestions are also made about potential improvements to the drug search strategy used by both systems. Brief discussion is made of possible extensions and improvements to the comparison presented.

Read full paper (29 page PDF [1.5Mb])

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