Samsung ML1210 and Mac OS X

Since moving to my mac I have had problems getting my Samsung ML1210 Laser Printer to work correctly. I followed the instructions at and got it printing but it was always missing off the top of the page. On searching around I found that I wasn’t the only person with this problem and if I downgraded my Foomatic-RIP to an older version things worked fine. For more information on this see and the key things is to get the release of Foomatic-RIP from the 30th Jan 2008.

I’ve reported this bug to the team the supports Foomatic so maybe there will be a fix in future versions.

Windows Vista and Mac OS 10.5.7 file sharing

I was having big problems getting a Windows Vista laptop to connect to a Mac OS X via SMB file sharing, as ever setting things up on a mac was easy, but the it just didn’t work on the windows end. Fortunately some work with google found the following, which have been the very helpful (the first one solved the issue) .

Moving Virtual Identities from Thunderbird to

Before coming to the mac I used to use thunderbird on Windows with the virtual identity plug in which allowed for the flexibility of multiple sending addresses. I was looking for a native mac solution and found the following: