Switch off shared Calendar Alerts in iOS

The nirvana of being able to share calendars with my family but not have my iOS device pop up with alerts when they have a visit to the dentist or another meeting that I’m not going to has eluded me for some time.  I suspect it would be a feature in a release of iOS as I had previously noted that it was an issue for Apple’s employees. I was pleased to eventually find that it is now possible in iOS 7 and 8 when on a recent repeat google search I found How to Turn Off Shared Calendar Alerts on iPhone or iPad in iOS 7 or iOS 8 unfortunately this only seems to work for share iCloud calenders and not if you use Google calenders.

using CUPS under Yosemite Mac OS X 10.10

Since upgrading to Yosemite I found that my CUPS based printer was not working. Looking at the console logs it appears that this is due to an issue with sandboxing in Ysomite. I eventually found one site with a solution which fixed my problem – i.e. relax sand-boxing for CUPS so that it works again http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/forums/viewthread/86495/#652649. This works much better than any of the other methods of dealing with sand-boxing (e.g. moving the ghostscript files or editing the .ppd definition). It does however bypass the point of sand-boxing, thus introducing the risk of s security hole in the system, but until someone comes up with a version of CUPS that supports sand-boxing, relaxing the requirement seems the easiest solution.

Mail.app folders not sorting alphabetically

I managed to accidentally change the order of my folders for an Exchange Server in Mail.app and found it impossible to get them to return to alphabetical order by dragging folders around. I found the following solution on Apple Forums


Basically you need to delete/rename (depending on your back strategy or paranoia level) .mboxCache.plist for the relevant account whilst Mail is not running then start it up again.

Fixing firefox after upgrade

Firefox recently upgraded to 3.6.15 and in the process appeared to mangle all of my add-ons – really very frustrating when they make a significant difference to how I interact with firefox. Fortunately I found that there were a couple of useful fixes available; firstly to clear out the extensions cache and ini files as described by David Moore IT service blog in the article How to Fix Firefox Break Down Add-ons. The second thing was to do a bit of updating manually – some of the add-ons have updated that you can get from the mozdev.org site that haven’t yet made it onto the firefox repository.